“The Forever War”: Book Review

The Forever War - Cover“The Forever War” has been more or less considered as a staple of science-fiction book, a must read because of its importance and its influence. All in all, it is a safe assumption to made that when you had more or less wade into the realm of science fictions, you are bound to hear about this book. Joe Haldeman’s “The Forever War.” I will not bother you with the details only that it was such a seminal work.

But for some odd reasons, this book remains in my backlog for quite some time, almost forgotten. Until I ran into “Starship Troopers” re-run on TV a few weeks ago. Now, “Starship Troopers” isn’t particularly a great sci-fi film, if you could call it a sci-fi but it was a ton of fun and quite probably the only film where I could stand Denise Richards fully clothed. Somehow, in the back of my mind, I made a mental connection between “Starship Troopers” and “The Forever War” thinking that the film was perhaps loosely based on the book (it’s not) and immediately picking up my Kindle and start reading.

It was a good read.

I was particularly amused by the liberty in which Haldeman described sex, orgy, and those in between, but other that, I’m thoroughly enjoyed the “War” especially more when the main characters are doing their own private Wars in the future Earth rather than out on the frontline in places light years away from Earth.

I also really love the time dilation aspect of the story, once again stretches my imagination beyond its limit to comprehend the vastness of this universe where we are just a tiny, minuscule beings in the middle of vast nothingness that is space, and finally simply give in to acknowledge, once again, that we are nothing. Nothing.

Though how the “War” ended might felt too abrupt and too simple, it was for me, a great note to deliver Haldeman’s criticism of War in general. Him, being a Vietnam veteran who must’ve seen some things that forever scarred his conscience during the War. The Real War where death is anything but certain in the air.

A quintessential read for space science fiction lovers? I would say “Yes.”

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