FF-TCG Entry: Auron (1)

Believe me or not, I’m playing Final Fantasy series usually not because of its story, but rather for the grinding. Yes, the mindless repetitive action just to unlock the next “cool” stuff that the game has to offer.

So, while I am familiar with Auron and Final Fantasy X (unlocked everything, including Wakka’s special ability that requires you to waste hours and hours of time in Blitzball mini-game. Not a “fun” idea for most, I gather), I can’t exactly tell how to fit his role in the story beyond the fact that he is sorta a guardian for Tidus, the main character, and somehow linked to Tidus’s mysterious father in the past which in turn, held a significant role in the game’s story. Maybe.

There are at least two cards featuring Auron in FF TCG. They are as follows (translation under each image):


This card costs 6 crystal, and of a Fire element (red color). It is of a Forward type, which means it could attack, with a power of 9000. This power number also doubles as toughness. When it receives damage bigger than this number, then this card is removed from the active field. It also has Guard as its designated job. Note that this Guard is a literal translation from ガード because most likely if this game ever localized into English, I’m betting it would say “Guardian” instead. Semantics, really, but localization job has to be consistent throughout the series.

The original text of this card is as follows:


The literal translation is When Auron deals damage to your opponent, you may play one Backup of Fire Element from your hand into the field, in a dull position. Not really great ability because you need Auron to survives another turn, and then use it to attack the opponent (instead of removing other active threats in the field), and then you have to have a Fire element Backup ready in your hand. And you play this Backup in Dull position, meaning you cannot use it until your next turn which is maybe, a bit too slow. But 9000 Power is not to be frowned upon.


This card costs 5 crystal, also of a Fire element (red color). Coincidentally (or not), Auron also wears red cloak so his inherent element is quickly recognizable. One less crystal is required to play than the previous Auron card although it has the same power level (9000), same type (Forward) and same job (Guardian). Therefore, this card has to has an ability weaker than the previous card to justify its one less cost. Not necessarily, though, as bad design in card game is sometimes intentional. Maybe required even.

The original text of this card’s ability is as follows:


And the literal translation. Your controlled backups cannot be broken as a result of your opponent’s effect. While the ability is kinda “meh,” I actually kinda prefer this ability than previous Auron’s. This might boils down to my personality in playing a trading card games. I usually prefer my cards to “stick” in the field rather than to aggressively playing card after card. This card’s ability fits more into that personality than the previous Auron’s ability. And therefore, the previous card, in my opinion, simply did not justify its cost of one more crystal. Plus, because one of the Rules in FF-TCG says that you cannot have more than one card with the same name in the field unless the card has the “multiple” icon on its top-right corner (Auron cards doesn’t have this icon), you can only put one Auron in the field. Should an effect either from you or your opponent put another Auron in the field, then both Auron were sent to the Break zone. This makes this card, in my opinion, even more viable to play rather than previous card.

Also, this card’s rarity is “Uncommon” which is slightly more commonly found in packs rather than previous Auron which is “Rare.” This leads me to believe that FF-TCG did not take off because issues like this. It seems more like Square Enix wants to bet on this series’ fanbase who would blindly buy something from this series even if it merely slapping existing illustration into a bunch of rectangle cartons with some texts and arbitrary Rules on it.

Well, at least it works on me.

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