Kanji Disassembled #9: 花 “Flower”

Flower Flower upFlower left Flower right

Flower. Beautiful as they were, they begin as something humble. A “grass” (top part of this kanji, second picture) if you will. It would then grows, changing its shape, just like how a “person” (イ, left part of this kanji, third picture), grows to an “old man” (ヒ, right part of this kanji, fourth picture).

All three parts of this kanji, “grass,” “person,” and “old man” are called “radicals”. Radicals are a part of a kanji that is reusable and used as part of another, different kanji. These radicals usually retains its original meaning and often contributes their respective meanings into the story that made up the kanji it belongs to.

This kanji is an example of it. “Grass,” “Person,” and “Old man” together forming a story for “Flower.”



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